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CCTV Drainage Inspection

Using our advanced CCTV Drain Survey Cameras we can accurately target the exact location of faults within your drainage system and minimise the need for large excavations of pipes and drains. 

At Drain Doctor, we are dedicated to saving you time, money and disruption. We supply you with a detailed video and photographic report which will highlight the condition of your drain and help identify the best course of action. 

Our CCTV Survey Inspections:

Detailed CCTV Drainage Inspection

Our most thorough level of inspection uses the most advanced technology available to examine your drains without the need for excavation. We will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of your drainage issues via downloadable files, photos, and a detailed 16-18 page report. In the report, we offer an easy to understand traffic light chart to help you understand what fixes are necessary. 

1) Red - urgent work is required.

2) Amber - advised preventative maintenance.

3) Green - no work is needed.

Blocked Drain CCTV Inspections 

After a drain unblocking, we will perform a CCTV Inspection to ensure we have fully unblocked your drain and identify whether the cause of the blockage was foreign objects or a damaged pipe. In the event that the condition of your drain is not perfect, we will advise on the correct preventative measures to take to save you money and time in the long run.

Our CCTV Technology

A CCTV Survey is often undertaken to give you peace of mind that the blockage you experienced will not occur again, so we only use the latest CCTV equipment to guarantee the best results and examine every inch of your drain. 

1) 50mm diameter Push Rod CCTV cameras for 100-225mm diameter drains-petite, effective cameras that can get into the narrowest spaces. 

2) Remote control Crawler CCTV cameras - self-propelled cameras capable of panning and tilting to give you detailed video views of what is happening inside your drain. Ideal for 300-1,200mm pipes.

3) Handheld CCTV Cameras - for manual inspections by Drain Doctor technicians crawling inside the very largest drains. Operated by expert technicians who have received special confined spaces training. 

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