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Plastic UPVC pipework is less likely to develop problems and is widely used in new builds and extensions; however, we advise that older existing drains have maintenance CCTV checks

Checking your existing drains for serviceability will reduce the risk of an unexpected inconvenience caused by major remedial work or emergency drain clearance. We strongly advise that you call us to conduct a survey if you are unsure when the last maintenance act was undertaken. The common materials used for drainage pipework are clay ware and pitch fibre. 

  • ClayWare repairs are carried out by either digging up the defective area to repair a section of the pipe or replacing the entire length of pipe. If pipe damage is within limits we will repair the damaged area by lining the area with a suitable material depending on the pipes purpose. 
  • Pitch Fibre is not installed or used anymore but was used extensively in the Hertfordshire area previously. It too can be dug up, spot repaired, or replaced entirely (with a more suitable material). Most importantly, pitch fibre can be re-rounded by a machine and returned to its original roundness within a specific tolerance, subject to condition. As with clay ware, the pipe can then be lined without disturbing the surrounding media (no dig technology) which may be covered in tarmac, concrete, or paving slabs. This is a very cost-effective rehabilitation method. 

When using Drain Doctor, we will quickly diagnose the problem and then our civils team will carry out the task professionally and sympathetically, we are respectful of the surrounding area and look to cause as little disruption as we can. 

The Drain Doctor civils team are here to assist with drainage problems. We are able to take control of the prospective work, applying to the respective council on your behalf if necessary and deal swiftly with your insurance company if required once you have your claim number.

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